Month: July 2021

How To Control Your Life With Anchoring

Anchoring is an automatic stimulus-response system such that when some unique stimulus happens, you respond by feeling a certain way or you behave in a certain way. Human beings are anchoring machines, which means most of our behaviours are knee-jerk reactions to what is happening around us. We automatically respond in a certain way based …

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Understanding NLP Strategies

NLP strategies is how do you what you do, both internally in your thinking and externally in your behaviour. You take individual discrete unconscious reactions and behaviours, called a T.O.T.E. – A “Test-Operate-Test Exit” behaviour and chain them together into a string of reactions or behaviours which we call a strategy. This is not to …

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Change Your Mind with NLP

The Tools and Techniques of NLP are all outcome focused. This is a major reason why NLP helps people get better results. You begin with the outcome that you want then work backwards to figure out how to get there. Stephen Covey captured this best with one of his seven habits: “Begin with the end …

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