Hello and Welcome. My name is Mícheál Colhoun, and I am the new owner of NLP Northern Ireland.com as of 2021.

Micheal Colhoun, B.Sc.  NLP Master Coach Trainer
Micheal Colhoun, B.Sc.
NLP Master Coach Trainer

I am a certified trainer of Neuro Linguistics Programming, a certified Time Line Therapy ® Trainer, and an Instructor of Hypnosis.

In 2001 I became curious why some people seem to attract success in their lives and others seem to always underachieve, and so started on a journey to learn about personal change. During my journey I discovered powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy™ techniques.  I knew these techniques worked because I used them in my own life, to create the results I wanted. Since then nearly every aspect of my life has changed: my job, career, relationships, financial issues, health and fitness.  In fact all areas of my life.

In 2005 I started to teach NLP to share what I had learned with others, so that you, like me, can also start to achieve your true potential. 

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It is my intention to maintain a high standard in everything I do, and as a result our practitioners of are trained to a very high standard. The trainings are recognised by the American Board of NLP, the Institute of Professional Breakthrough Coaches, The Coaching Division of the ABNLP, The Time Line Therapy™ Association, and the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the certification is recognised all over the world.

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