Get a Solid Foundation in NLP

If you enrol before the month end, you get FREE complimentary coaching call to help clarify you goals and outcomes for this course.


Who this is for..

The NLP Foundations program is for you if you are looking to get a solid foundation in NLP, without the investment of becoming a Certified Practitioner of NLP.  This program, the NLP Foundations program, is perfect if you are new to NLP or want to refresh and want to dip your toes in the water.  I assume no prior knowledge of NLP, but instead focus on the practical application of NLP to help you get results.

What makes The NLP Foundations program Unique

This program is unique because we want to focus on one real outcome that you could achieve in the next 12 months by attending this program.

✅Unlock the power of NLP techniques to achieve your goals

✅Gain practical skills to overcome limiting beliefs and negative emotions

✅Discover the keys to effective communication and influence

✅Unlock your full potential and live a life filled with purpose and fulfilment

✅Gain the skills to create meaningful relationships and build strong connections with others

On this program you get a solid foundation on NLP from your NLP Master Coach Trainer. Every Week you get new content on a fundamental pillars of NLP that makes NLP work for everyone AND get live feedback on your personal situation so you can incorporate what you learn immediately.  This is what I call Active Learning. It’s practical NLP, not just a bunch of theory and ideas.

Why Enrol?

Get a Solid Foundation on NLP through Live tuition and direct feedback on your personal situation from your NLP Master Coach Trainer. Every Week you get new content on a fundamental pillar of NLP that makes NLP work for everyone AND get live feedback on your personal situation so you can incorporate what you learn immediately.


Micheal Colhoun, B.Sc.,NLP Master Coach Trainer

What you will Learn

Weekly Email Updates

Every week you get new content on fundamental Pillars that makes NLP work to help you grow.

Tools for Transformation

Learn the art and science of modelling excellence with the Tool and Techniques of NLP and learn the secrets of long lasting transformation

Vision Setting with Clarity

See your future self, today - Get a clear process to set outcomes that leverage the power of manifestation to attract the life that you want

Language for Leverage

Learn how to discover the truth behind what people say, and learn how to change beliefs and influence people through your words

Leverage your Mind

Learn how to realise more of you potential and discover how you can communicate better and learn to easily change your limiting beliefs.

The Art of Charisma

Learn the Secrets to masterful communication and how to have more charisma in your language.

What People Say!

To see Micheal in action is to see one of Europe’s finest trainers. He is an amazing teacher because he makes the material so easy to understand and utilise which makes his trainings so much fun! Above all he is a special person with a mission to transform the world!
Judy Bentley
Nourish & Flourish
I can totally recommend NLP Training with Micheal Colhoun. He is a very personable and effective trainer who is really passionate about ensuring that everyone learns and reaps the benefits of NLP. I know that this course will transform me and my business.
Ian Walton
This is the simply the best training I have been involved in. Is has taken my understanding of transformation to higher levels and given me tools to help create deep change in people. My business will be taken to another level by attending this training.
Vinty Firth
6 Degrees coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a subscription programme?

A: No this is a one time offer to avail of an NLP Training Course at a massively reduced investment. This is an incredible opportunity and once this offer expires it will never be at this price again.

Q: Is there a discount code?

A: No, there are no discounts. The offer price is on the enrol page.

Q: Is this a certified NLP Training.?

A:  No – This cost effective NLP Training course is designed to help you understand the foundations of NLP and start to learn practical and actionable success strategies that help you get consistent results and is not a replacement for becoming a Certified Practitioner of NLP.  

If you are interested in taking the next step in becoming a Certified Practitioner of NLP, we also offer NLP Practitioner Certification training – Click here to learn more.

Any other questions, please feel free to enquire