Month: September 2019

Would you say Yes?

If I was to tell you that I have a secret to share with you. That is so simple it would enlighten. If I was to say that there is a way to rise about the chaos and feel at peace in the moment. If I was to show you a way to get clarity …

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Stand for what you believe in by helping people

At the Quarterly Meeting for our Academy last weekend and felt on top of the world. When you have a strong vision for the world and stand for what you believe in by helping people to build that world with you, your whole worldview changes. #Inspired #success #coach #change #entrepreneur #belfast #belfastblogger #trainer #grandcentral #europahotel #training #garyvee

On Top of the World

On top of the world. #belfast #belfastireland #grandcentral #observatory #23rdfloor #feelinggood #instacouple#nightout #views #hastingsgroup #friday

Don’t Leave The Best Until Last

Once you have established yourself in your industry, you start to think differently about how you share information. You see, just because you know how to solve a complex problem , it doesn’t mean that your customers and client have an appreciation of the solution or even understand the problem they are trying to solve. …

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West of Ireland

Time out in the West of Ireland . #renew #relax #rejuvenate #break #redresh #ireland #ireland🍀 #irelandholiday #westireland #connemara #home

Important things take time

You have had some amazing successes in your life. I know this because you are alive, but I also know that you are being held back by a force you can’t put your finger on. Let me reveal it to you. It is the Force of Habit that is stopping you moving forward. Allowing what …

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Success Coach Program

I’m launching an online program tomorrow which includes 6 coaching sessions. It’s called the Success Coach Program and it’s based on the very best of NLP Prac and Master Prac. It’s a 12 month program and there is an upgrade to a LIVE 12 month academy. It’s the next generation of NLP. If you are …

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