How to Master Anything with NLP

If I was to sit down with you for a month and help you master anything by utilising the power of NLP, this is what I would do:

Step 1: Mission – I would get really clear on what your mission was. 
Step 2: Modelling – I would find a model of excellence for you to model 
Step 3: Mastery – I would teach you the 5 stages to mastery

Mission – For so many people, they don’t have a clear mission of what they want to achieve, so is it hardly surprising that they don’t get there. A mission is much more important than a goal, because with most typical goals (Especially a goal around money), it won’t give you a sense of fulfilment or satisfaction when you achieve it. A mission sets up a direction in your life.

There are 5 stages to getting clear on your mission:

  • Outcomes – Having a clear and measurable outcome
  • Actions – Taking the right action, and not falling into the trap of in-action, distraction and reaction
  • Feedback – having a system or way of getting accurate sensory based feedback
  • Being Flexible – having more than one way of getting there
  • Attitude – adopting a physiology and philosophy of excellence

Modelling – If you don’t model excellence, you will at best, get average results. The world is full of people getting average results. To aim higher and to have more influence, you need a true model of excellence.

There are 5 stages to getting clear on Modelling

  • Finding a true Model of Excellence
  • Immersion and Commitment – Don’t make it a “nice to have” Commit and take it serious. 
  • Extract the Model – Use the tools and techniques of NLP to extract the order and sequence of the internal steps
  • Feedback – Again, you need a feedback loop as a way of calibrating that you getting closer to the mark.
  • Repeat – go back and extract more of the model and get more feedback until you hit the target

Mastery – The 5 stages to mastery are:

  • Novice – that wonderful place of innocence and bliss where you confidence is high but your competence is low
  • Apprentice – you are now stepping out of your comfort zone and learning that the theory doesn’t match the practice
  • Struggle – this is where you doubt yourself and where most people give up. This is also where your breakthrough happens
  • Craftsman – now you are honing your craft, getting real results and you start to aim higher
  • Master – after many iterations of action and feedback, you master your skill

So, If I was to work with you for a month, to get a plan put in place to master anything using NLP, this is the exact approach I would take.

I recorded “How to Master Anything with NLP”  LIVE as an hour long master class on YouTube where I went through each of these Steps – Mission, Modelling and Master and I show you how I have applied this model to my own life.

You can watch it here