Certainty is a Feeling

Certainty is a feeling. Have you ever said “I Feel Certain” or “I feel uncertain”. When you feel certainty, the quality of the pictures you have in your head are vivid, bright and clear and that impacts how you feel. Why is that important? These pictures gives us a little tip off to how the mind works. In NLP we refer to the qualities of these picture as Submodalities, which is taught in our NLP Practitioner Certification Training.

When you think about the quality of these pictures, the location, the size, the clarity, the focus, the intensity of these pictures gives meaning to our experiences. They give meaning to what’s happening in our lives. They give meaning to our level of certainty. They give meaning to our purpose and our direction. Everything we do! Our motivation and what inspires us.

For example, if I ask you today what are you doing for your holidays? You may not have the same level of certainty as you did before covid lockdown. You don’t know what’s going to happen due to the uncertainty of travel, the pictures you make inside your head won’t be as clear. They’ll be more fuzzy. They maybe jumping between two or three different pictures. You may be thinking to yourself, ‘Well I might go here and I might go there but I’m not sure. I’m waiting to see what happens because of lockdown. But I’d love to go to Spain, I’d love to go to Scotland, I’d love to go to America but I can’t make a decision! I’m waiting to see what happens!’

Now, how does this change our perception of how we see the world? The world now looks different inside our head!

This article is based on a Clip from Fresh Coffee Coaching Episode 07 – Dealing With Uncertainty. Watch the Full Clip below