Month: April 2019

The Third Step of Change

How to Create a Life By Design. Episode 007 of The Behuman Podcast is now out. See this Link:

The second stage of Change

I implore you to audit your life. From speaking to hundreds of clients and prospects recently I’ve come to the shocking realisation that most people (over 50%) feel bad 80%-90% of the time. This is shocking and something that is not being talked about. We need to open up the conversation. What would the world …

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Share Your Journey

I love this post @drock so reposting. I have a very similar ethos. I tell my students to stop posting cute irrelevant quotes and other people’s content (lol, the irony). Post What’s on your mind. What’s the message you want to share with the world? For me I’m not posting for anyone else, I’m posting …

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How to Plan for Success

Phone calls Especially. I see people say. “So, I better give them a call”. Stop.  What’s the outcome you intend before you pick up the phone? Are you picturing the successful completion of the call? Or, are you sabotaging the call by holding a picture of rejection in your mind’s eye. Why would you call …

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Who is driving?

Who is driving? Are you on auto pilot, in manual stick-and-shift, or in cruise control on your way to your destination. – Don’t wait for an opportunity to knock. Open the door “When you live at or below ordinary levels of awareness, you spend a great deal of time and energy finding opportunities to be …

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