Understanding NLP Strategies

NLP strategies is how do you what you do, both internally in your thinking and externally in your behaviour. You take individual discrete unconscious reactions and behaviours, called a T.O.T.E. – A “Test-Operate-Test Exit” behaviour and chain them together into a string of reactions or behaviours which we call a strategy.

This is not to be confused with the phrase “strategy” from a business sense which has more to do with planning. For example your opening strategy in chess might be to start advancing the pawns first or take out the heavy hitters, the bishop, rook and knight. This has more to do with planning that unconscious reactions or behaviour.

When I talk about strategies in NLP, we are referring to the discrete, minute, order of individual reactions and responses that people make that creates a particular result. This might be a result that they want or it might be a result they don’t want and need to change.

If somebody has amazing ability to be successful in business, they will have a set of NLP Strategies, or unconscious responses and behaviours, tiny little events, little reactions, and these tiny little stimulus-response steps together form a strategy for getting results

Types of NLP Strategies

We have strategies for everything! We have strategies for relating to people, we have strategies for buying. We have strategies for making decisions. We have strategies for procrastination…

How would you like to understand your strategy for procrastination so you could actually stop it! Imaging being able to stop procrastinating, so you go straight into taking action.

We have strategies for being attracted to people. We have strategies for falling in love. We even have strategies for falling out of love.

So, understanding our strategies helps us to understand how we get the results we want but more importantly how we get the results we don’t want, so we can learn and install better strategies.

NLP Strategies is a huge area in NLP, in fact if you chunk up on strategies, if you take strategies out to the level of a whole project on strategies, that’s called “NLP Modelling” and that is how you build models of excellence. You are modelling excellence by breaking down people’s behaviours

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