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What is NLP Anyway?

NLP is the most fundamental of recent advances in human psychology in creating value for people to achieve their goals and to be more successful. I think you would agree that most people would find this valuable. Becoming highly trained as a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) will give you a huge amount of …

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The Law of Consequences

The Law of Consequences is one of 4 Laws in the Pillars of Transformation. It states that our subjective reality is filtered by our Thoughts, our Emotions, our Memories, our Beliefs and Value, our Perspective as well as Time, Space, Matter and Energy. The sum total of all these combined has us accept a certain …

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List of Predicates

  Visual Auditory Kinaesthetic Auditory Digital see look bright clear picture foggy view clear focused dawn reveal illuminate imagine hazy an eyeful short sighted sight for sore eyes take a peek tunnel vision bird’s eye view naked eye paint a picture hear tell sound resonate listen silence deaf squeak hush roar melody make music harmonize …

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What is a values hierarchy?

A values hierarchy is a list of value around a certain context. How to elicit: • What’s important to you about Business (or other context)? • What else? • What else? • When you run out of responses, then say “Ok, great, now what else is important to you in the context of Business? • …

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What are Values?

Values provide the upfront motivation before and event, and after the effect valuation of the event. They are the things that have us do what we do. From the moment we wake up till we go to sleep, all we are doing is fulfilling our values. Bandler said that our values are the things that …

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What is a Collapsed Anchor?

Is useful for collapsing minor or unwanted negative states. Build rapport, set the frame, choose resource, associate into the state and anchor the state. Stack as many times as necessary. Check anchor. Anchor the negative state once only. Fire both together and wait until integration is complete, the lift off the negative and hold the …

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What is an Anchor?

An Anchor is a stimulus response where the unconscious mind links at the neurological level, an intense associated state with a unique stimulus. The keys to creating good anchors are the intensity, timing, uniqueness and repeatability See also:What is NLP?

What are Submodalities

Submodalities are the finer distinctions of the modalities. It gives meaning to our internal representations. Almost like the programming language of our minds. There are 2 important elements in eliciting submodalities. Speed and finding the Driver.