Find balance between Meaning and Responsibility

If you are lost and seek direction and clarity, take stock of the current. Are you fighting against the tide or gracefully surfing the waves?

Most people think that working harder is the answer. Don’t get me wrong, I worker harder than anyone I know. But there is a difference. I love absolutely everything I do. The answer isn’t hard work. The truth is that when you think bigger, aim higher and have an agenda to make the world a better place and you take responsibility for your own future, something magical happens: you get a sense of mission and purpose every single day. A sense of motivation and intent on what you want to achieve each and everyday.

I used to think goals were the answer. They are not. I used to think money was the answer. Is it not. I’ve spend years working in Big Finance and Tech with Goals on annual earnings and I found that money and goals did I not give me contentment and did not give me satisfaction. Yes it improved the quality Of my life but at the cost of my lifestyle. I had no time left to spend it with my family, my friends and colleagues, my passions. What’s the point of having passions if you don’t have time to execute your passion?

Do you have a passion?

What’s the one thing you needs to do to figure out Life? Find balance between meaning and responsibility. How do you do this? It all starts within. It all starts with Mindset.

Believe in yourself.

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