What does wealth mean to you?

Today, this one is especially for you…

What does wealth mean to you?

For some it’s getting away from a life of scarcity and just not having enough of anything. Perhaps for you it’s being able to quit that crap job you hate.

For others, wealth is about getting time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your work. It’s a way of buying back time.

Maybe for you it’s freedom from feeling stuck with no options. It’s the certainty of knowing you’ve got there. Perhaps you are investing in a little bit of luxury or a bigger house. It’s a symbol of your success, that you did things right and you got there. After all. You deserve it.

Or perhaps. Just maybe it’s just leverage. It’s the result of getting there quicker. For you, wealth might be the result of taking risks that get amplified.

If I had a wish that could become true here today I would wish that you could see beyond these behaviours. I’ve tried to capture this intricate model in the Personal Path to Prosperity. However here today I’m limited by the self imposed length of this micro blog. So, I’ll dangle a truth and let you do your own research.

You are where you are because of a long term loss, a prime concern, that hides a truth about how you see the world.

The truth is this.

Wealth is having more than you need. And what you needs more of than anything else in life is Life Experience.

No more, no less. Everything else, scarcity, work, processions, leverage, reward are all obstacles to the truth.

Why are you limiting yourself?

You don’t have enough because you are not grateful for what you already have. And the way you get grateful is to expect nothing and welcome everything. Even if it hurts.

I wish you all the love and abundance you need to see this.

Believe in yourself.