Your success is determined by your ability to think bigger

“I’m not ready”. Who ever is? Perfection is the thief of Joy. Your desire to be perfect will stop you from doing all the things you really want to do.

Every day you lose opportunities when you allow fear to stop you moving forward. The only regrets I have in my life are the things I decided not to do..And In those fleeting moments I would say “it’s wasn’t for me” or “I made the right decision “ or “my gut told me it wasn’t the time”.

Here is the reality: Your Gut is not the most intelligent organ in your body. Your gut reacts out of FEAR. Your gut feeling is that feeling that says “stay safe, take the easy option. Say No for now”.

The most powerful intelligence does not come from your Gut but from Heart-Mind Coherence. It’s what I call The Law of Coherence in my book “Pillars of Transformation (available from #Amazon).

When you dream and you have a plan to make that dream a reality you tap into a force that goes beyond normal intellect. You tap into a state of Flow. This is the one true attribute of Leadership and Champions.

So, the real question is: Are you on the right path? Are you getting the support you need? Are you making steps every day to make your world a better place? Walk the wire.

Aim Higher.

DM me if you need help.

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