Don’t take the easy path

Have you ever been handed a Herculean Task only to cry “why me?”⠀

Take a flash back to 2003 and my first Personal Development training – an event I knew nothing about except a close friend who said “Just do it”.⠀

It was at a pivotal moment In my life. Burnt out. I was an emotional rollercoaster. I had chronic insomnia. I was desperate for change. ⠀

I went all-in on every assignment. I committed and followed the process. That weekend I cured my asthma, got my confidence back, overcome phobia, healed up conflicts, overcame major obstacles in my thinking and totally changed my life. ⠀

That’s when I decided to go all in and then teach what I had learned. ⠀

I put my greatest insights into my book on the Pillars of Transformation (available from amazon) and for the next 15 years I devoted every spare minute to teaching this material to as many people as I could. I coached people and trained coaches from all over the world. ⠀

But over the years, a deeper realisation sank in. I was quite unique. Most people did not have the transformation that I did. Most people did not commit. Most people didn’t face the mountain in front but turned their back on the mission. ⠀

Why? Because being a Change Catalyst also means being an entrepreneur. ⠀

Being an Entrepreneur is hard. Anyone who says otherwise is a dreamer. ⠀

Why is this the case? It is because the alternative is so easy. ⠀

It’s easy to turn up to work every day, to ask your boss for a raise, to coast, to pretend you are busy, to just clock-in the hours, to do just enough and to know you will always have a paycheck coming every week even if everything goes wrong! ⠀

That is, until everything goes wrong, like a global pandemic. ⠀

But it’s not so easy to be 100% responsible for your destiny, to have a mission greater than you can ever achieve if you take the easy path. ⠀

As an entrepreneur, you are not just responsible for your success! You are responsible for which mountain you climb, and for whom you bring along with you on that path. ⠀

You may not have chosen your mountain, but it’s your choice to climb it or not. ⠀

Don’t take the easy path.⠀

Aim Higher. ⠀

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