Don’t Leave The Best Until Last

Once you have established yourself in your industry, you start to think differently about how you share information. You see, just because you know how to solve a complex problem , it doesn’t mean that your customers and client have an appreciation of the solution or even understand the problem they are trying to solve. Let’s take coaching as an example. 

I see many young, enthusiastic coaches want to get clients without first establishing themselves as an authority, an industry expert, or even as a micro influencer. The result is a huge mistake on how they share information. You can spot these new kids on the block a mile away. They want to create an ethical bribe, a lead capture page, a landing page with something of low value to lure their clients into their funnel. Once they get them on their list, they try to lure them onto the so-called “value ladder” to get more higher value sales. But when it doesn’t work, they get confused. 

The reason it doesn’t work is because it never worked. .

Why would anyone give their email address to you for some “low value” bribe. People are not stupid. You have to reverse the process. You have to offer your very best material up front. Something really valuable. But you must also understand where your clients and customers are in the customer journey. Too much information and they get overloaded. Not enough and there is no value.

Stop offering low value crap to your prospects. Give them the very best of what you’ve got & and you will impress and attract better prospects. 

It’s not rocket science. Ask people what they desperately want, then give it to them. No strings .

Have a great day .

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