Stop seeking permission to be yourself

“Do you think I’m good enough”?.
I’ve got all these certificates, this degree, this diploma. I’ve got such great feedback from so many people, but do you think I’m good enough?


In reality, we seek comfort and confident in the words of others but we look for doubts in their words too.

I’ve worked with many clients and helped many students of mine to overcome doubts of not being good enough. I’ve found a common thread that I want to share with you.

You see, you might think the problem is that you are not good enough, but the reality is that you are seeking other people’s permission for your greatness. You are seeking for someone to believe in you. This is hard to believe in the workplace, or an organisation where promotions and pay increases are not good for profits.

Why? Because it’s not in the interest of Management to tell you that you are worthy of that promotion, of that raise. It’s simply not good for business. So, you best know you place. You best know you are not good enough.

But, what if you were? What if you were always doing the best you could? Because if you knew better, you would do better. Stop seeking permission to be yourself. It’s easier to ask forgiveness for being yourself than to seek permission from someone else.

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