What is NLP Anyway?

NLP is the most fundamental of recent advances in human psychology in creating value for people to achieve their goals and to be more successful. I think you would agree that most people would find this valuable.

Becoming highly trained as a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) will give you a huge amount of knowledge and skill on understanding how the human mind works. I like to call NLP “the user manual for the unconscious mind”. This is the opposite of what most skills based training courses offer you. Have you ever attended a training course and said “Oh, That was interesting!” put it in the little box in your head called ‘Interesting’ and never use any of the stuff you have learnt? How would you like to attend a training course that not only gave you skills and abilities to understand and utilize the human mind, but also the skills to access all the other material you have learned your whole life that you thought you had forgotten.

I equate an NLP practitioner training as like learning how to drive the vehicle that is your unconscious mind. By the time you leave the training room, all the skills and abilities are understood, installed, and practiced and you know that they can create profound results for you and the people around you.

What this gives you is the ability to communicate better with people, and to build a very deep level of understanding and rapport with anyone you choose. You will have the abilities to ask questions that dig deep behind the facades of what people say every day, and discover the deep structure behind our thoughts, dreams and behaviours. You will learn valuable skills to negotiate problems, and solve them. You will learn new techniques for conversational change, and creative thinking. We even give you the strategy for lateral thinking, which is perfect for brain-storming workshops.

Let me give you a direct experience of how NLP can assist you today. Think about a goal or outcome that you set for yourself in the past that for some reason eluded you. What are the reasons (or perhaps excuses ) that you gave yourself for not accomplishing it? I remember the reason I gave myself: I can’t do it, Now that you have your reason, ask yourself when you decided this. In my case it was a situation where I tried to do something big, and I was disappointed, so decided that I couldn’t do it. I then ran this pattern of ‘I can’t do it’ in nearly every aspect of my life, and I started limiting myself. The fact is that I could do it, but because I was disappointed in the past, I didn’t want to leave my comfort zone, and take the chance of being disappointed again, so I would just give myself the excuse that ‘I can’t do it’, and it wasn’t true! Here is the fact: ALL of our excuses are not true. What NLP will assist you in doing, is discovering the excuses and reasons that you give yourself in not achieving what you want, and then using the tools and techniques of NLP to totally blow away these problems. Now I know that’s something that is of value to you!

So, make the right decision today, and tap in to more of your true potential, find out the excuses and reasons for why you haven’t yet achieved your ultimate goals and ambitions. And start doing what you want to do, start being who you want to be, and start having what you want to have. Don’t wait any longer to realize your true potential.

How long have you held onto your excuses and reasons? Isn’t it time to let them go?

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First Posted April 2006

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