What is a values hierarchy?

A values hierarchy is a list of value around a certain context. How to elicit:
• What’s important to you about Business (or other context)?
• What else?
• What else?
• When you run out of responses, then say “Ok, great, now what else is important to you in the context of Business?
• Order the values. If you could only have one of these values, which one would you pick? And continue down until all are ranked
• Identify the Away-from Values. These are the values that we are trying to avoid. Since the unconscious mind can’t process a negative, we tend to be attracted to the very things that we are trying to avoid. Can remove using timelines or by taking out the limiting decision. E.g. So when did you decide it was important for you to avoid ___ ? and use timeline to remove
• Values are given meaning by their submodalities. So by changing the submodalities, we can can change the meaning and the priority of a value. E.g. to lower the priority of value from 6th to 2nd, elicit the smb of 6th and 1st and move smb of value to 1st and back off a little. Warning, changing meanings of a value can affect every aspect of you life.