Is Omnicron going to mark the end of the pandemic, and other news

Hi all and a Happy New Year! 

A coupe of noteworthy points of interest today: 

  • Our 4 Day NLP Practitioner Certification Starts on the 25th January. If you are interested in finally getting control of your mind, and having the skills an ability to communicate at a deeper level while have more impact and influence, it might be worth checking out the details here 
  • To start the year, we are doing a 1-day FLASH SALE on selected courses on The Academy 4 Life Long Learning, such as the Pillars of Transformation, down from £197 to £1, The Prometheus Induction down from £197 to £1, and the Facebook Ad Series down from £997 to only £97. All Courses listed here .  ** One day only – expires midnight tonight **
  • We are not running a start of year Goal Setting Seminar, A Present To Your Future this year in January.  I am being told by certain informed people that this Omicron Variant may act as a global vaccine to future variants. If this is true, we could see the end of the pandemic as soon as March 2022, so as we start to open up, we will consider running our Goal Setting Workshop then, as a way to get focussed on a brighter future. See here for more details on these facts
  • Finally, I’m excited for 2022, after getting over a long term chronic fatigue bout, I have a series of new courses and master classes upcoming for later this year. Join my YouTube Channel to get early notification here

How are you? Let me know 

That’s all for now. Micheal.