Why Its Hard to Build Brand Awareness

The internet has evolved a lot in the last few years! Social media is no longer a growing market. It’s saturated.

What does this mean for you? Without spending a lot of money on advertising, you are just too small to build a brand today!

If you are trying to build brand awareness you have to go super niche. If you don’t go super niche you are going to spend a lot of time and money trying to promote and market yourself without making any real impact. It’s the big mistake a lot of people make when advertising on Facebook, google ads or on YouTube ads without understanding the correct strategies. They can spend thousands of pounds very quickly and get nothing in return because they’re trying to build brand awareness when they’re too small.

This is especially true when you are offering a generic product or service offering such as “goal setting” or “hypnosis” or “coaching” or “fitness”. These industries have become so crowded that it’s just not going to work! You need to super niche if you want to build brand awareness and you need to be very clear on exactly the type of person you want to help and the problem you can solve.

If it’s too niche and there are not enough people in that market space, you won’t be able to create a business from it.

You might have heard the question, “Is there a gap in the market”, but if you get so super niche, and you find “a gap in the market gap” that’s not crowded – what’s called a “blue ocean”, you may have another problem – Is there a market in the Gap! Are there enough people in your super niche to build a business from, that you can actually make enough sales to make a living from what you are doing.

That’s the problem with brand advertising at the moment. if you’re trying to try to create a brand around something that’s too niche, you won’t get enough people there to actually create a successful business. If you actually create a brand that’s too broad, or too generic, people won’t react to it. Great examples are “personal development” or “coaching”. It’s too broad and will take you too long and too much money trying to create brand awareness around that particular brand. To get people’s attention you need to be first, the best or different from everyone else in your niche. Are you ?

Let me give you an example. I’ve been teaching neuro-linguistic programming since 2005. On my journey of teaching NLP, there weren’t many people who had a a bigger brand in the Personal Development space than the NLP Brand. However, if you actually look at Google Trends today, and look at the popularity of the word “NLP” between 2004 to today, you will see that the keyword “NLP” has dropped about 75 in popularity over that period.

If you look at where that attention has gone, you will realise that that attention has gone into the keywords: “mindset” , “mindfulness”, “meditation” and “motivation”. That’s where the market has shifted.

  • What used to be taught as as NLP is now being taught as “Mindset” – it’s the same thing!
  • What used to be taught as NLP has now been so taught as as “Mindfulness and meditation” – it’s the same thing
  • What used to be taught as NLP is being taught as “motivation” and how to get motivated – that’s all NLP.

Have you learnt any NLP recently?

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