Why I’m Live streaming on YouTube

Let’s talk about why I’m live streaming. When I have a conversation with somebody and I talk about our Academy 4 Lifelong Learning and I talk about you know showing people how to build courses and how to create their content online and build their programs inevitably the conversation comes to a technical conversation, and the technical difficulties people have.

While my first career was as a lecturer in the university – teaching technology, operating systems, architecture, network and related subjects – many people see me as a technology person first.

However in 2015, when I started taking online business strategies seriously, I knew nothing about the technology skills required to run webinars or to do Facebook ads or to record a video or audio. I literally I didn’t know anything, so I had to learn all of the required skills about six years ago.

Even though I’d spend my whole life working with technology, I still found it difficult. This brings up a really interesting challenge for people who want to start building their business online. People say to me, “if Micheal found it Challenging, and he’s a technologist, then what chances have I got”. This is what I hear. However, it’s easy to miss something in this. I want to emphasize here is that my background in technology was about low level hardware, software engineering, writing and integrating technical solutions for big enterprises like the London stock exchange, and banks and insurance companies. When I worked fulltime as a developer, I wasn’t spending my time standing in front of a camera, recording a video and then adding audio to it, or running Facebook ads. There’s a very particular skill set you need to have to be able to build an online business today and produce good content on video and it’s even harder to do this on a live stream.

For example, you know it’s pretty easy to stand in front of a camera record something and then to clean up the recording later in post-production (or “in Post”, as it’s called in the industry). It’s much harder to have an authentic and flowing experience on a live stream. There are no post edits, you can’t add in lower thirds later. There’s no opportunity to add in music afterwards. There’s is no opportunity to take out clips when you are streaming live. It’s all done live. It’s easy to get overwhlemed.

While it’s much harder to do, there is actually it’s a very defined set of skills that you can learn. The great news is that it’s not particularly challenging to learn these skills, it just takes practice.

With Live Streaming, there are a lot of new skills that most people don’t normally practice. Yu don’t just become really good at live streaming because you livestream once. You don’t become really good at teaching beaus you teach once. You don’t become good at presenting if you just present once. Every skill you master comes down to practice and feedback. Every day is a learning day. We are now officially all life long learners. This is the new world we have to embrace.

Happy Learning.


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