Externally Viewed Strength | What are your Talents?

What is your talent sack? Many people have a natural set of talents but they still have to learn the skills to transfer those talents into results. Remember you can have anything you want as long as you pay attention! But, if you don’t pay attention, you pay with pain and suffering because you’re focus all over the place.

As a consequence, you don’t get to improve your talent stack and this means your skills don’t get better. If you’re jumping between 10 different things you’re not focused on improving your talent stack and if you don’t improve your talent stack people won’t see you as an expert in any one area. If they don’t see you as an expert then your externally viewed talents won’t mean anything!

Expertise comes from paying attention to your talent stack and improving your skills over time. I find it funny when somebody comes out of school and actually thinks they are an expert! They might be very good at something but unless they’ve actually got years of experience they’re probably not an expert. Expertise comes from consistent practice and raising the bar every time you do something.

Think about that for a moment! Imagine you are always trying to improve what you’re doing by one percent every single day every year, you’d be 37 times better than you were the previous year. Over 10 years that would be 37 to the power of 10. You would be thousands of times better than you were 10 years earlier.

Results come from practicing what you know and getting evidence and feedback from the outside world that you’re good at it. Our own feedback system is biased, you needs someone else to give you feedback on your talents. Sometimes you might thing your great at something when you are not. That’s why it’s really important to have a mirror or somebody who can actually be an external check for you. An external reference helps you stay on track and get feedback on your results. A Curriculum Vitae tells people what your talent stack is, it tells you what you are good at and the list of jobs and experiences is the feedback and the proof to confirm your expertise.

Society pays you based on what you’ve done already in your life! Society doesn’t pay you for what you say you are going to do in the future because generally, we need proof that you can do it. Society rewards you for what you’ve already achieved and that’s called your expertise, your talent stack!

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