What is The Valley of Despair Explained

As we go through life stuff happens! We get to a point on our journey when we experience some painful event. This isn’t necessarily a trauma it’s something painful.

One of the greatest reasons people have painful experiences is because their understanding of the world is not accurate. Their model of the world is not accurate of the actual observable world. They have an expectation of something happening. They have an expectation of the world playing out a certain way and when it doesn’t happen the way they expect they spiral into chaos. It is difficult for them to deal with what’s happening. It doesn’t make sense and they don’t know why!

They spiral into a place I call the Valley of Despair. Here people can go through massive transformation. They have come to the point where the person says ‘I can’t deal with this anymore’, ‘I can’t do this!’, ‘Enough is enough!’, ‘This is it I can’t I can’t cope!’

At which point they surrender to the moment! Sometimes it can be very difficult to surrender especially if they believe they are right! AND hold tightly to their convictions! And say ‘All I need to do is work hard because it worked before and can work again!’, but this approach is never the answer. Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result is insanity.

I think this is especially relevant today. A lot of people are going through change either through the uncertainty of Lockdown or their job role is changing or they have to work from home or something has changed about how they do what they do.

When you continue to behave the way you used to and you’ve just adjusted slightly but the fundamental model no longer works, things will continue to get harder and harder for you until you say ‘No more, I can’t do this anymore’ You give up and look for help! You speak to someone who can give you the insight you’re looking for like a Transformational Coach or somebody who’s been on your journey before. When they say the thing you need to hear, you’ll have a moment of enlightenment and at this point a whole new version of reality opens up for you! A whole new pathway opens up for you that you never saw before! This is what we call The Breakthrough.


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