How to Recognise Repeating Patterns

To what degree are you experiencing a pattern in your life around the very things you are trying to avoid?

If you are trying to avoid a certain situation, or circumstances or certain outcomes in your life and it keeps happening, this is a tip-off to identifying ‘Away from’ Patterns in your life.

If you were to remove the obstacles that causes this ‘Away from’ motivation then it wouldn’t happen anymore. You then would be motivated towards what you want instead. And you would no longer have that same repeating pattern appearing in your life.

When I talked about this with one of my students, he had a massive realization. He recognized that he repeatably was going from relationship to relationship and finding himself in the same scenario every time. This same pattern keeps coming up because he was trying to avoid something in the relationship.

Look at where you are creating patterns in your life. Are you experiencing patterns around the very things you are trying to avoid? If you recognise this pattern, then you can change it. This is what we teach on our NLP Practitioner Certification training.

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