Why do we choose to Suffer?

When we are done with suffering, the healing is instantaneous. What’s important about this is recognizing that when people have suffered enough they are ready to change. And that change can happen in the moment, if the conditions are right.

But if the conditions aren’t right you have to manufacture that moment. The wrong way to do this is to put yourself through pain, anguish and emotional turmoil in order to have that right moment. Some choose to use Ayahuasca, Hallucinogens or Holotropic Breathwork to experience a journey and to get insights, but the problem with this approach is that the Journey is unpredictable. It can be insightful but can also be terrifying. It’s like putting yourself through a dangerous and potentially life-threatening situation in order to try to get insights or understanding or meaning from the experience so you can choose to change. I believe this fundamentally the wrong approach. We don’t need a reason, we need a decision. In my experience from 15 years of working with people who week transformation, the common factor is that transformation is there when we are ready to change and are looking for a path to follow.


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