The Importance of Eye patterns

Eye patterns are one of the indicators you can use to decipher the strategies that people are running inside their head.

Let me tell you a true story! Years ago I was in America, I remember I was going to a training with Tad James. I remember sitting at the end of the bar waiting for some friends of mine to turn up. I saw a tall guy at the other end of the bar and began building rapport with him using just by mirroring and matching his body language. Every time he reached for his beer and drank I also drank at the same time. He fold his arms and I would fold my arms. He would learn back and I would lean back. he would lean forward and I would lean forward. Now we were 15-20 feet away from each other and I was observing him using my peripheral vision. We both finished our drinks and the guy called the barman over and said ‘Give me two beers and give one to the man at the end of the bar’, and then he came over to join me and we started talking, we spoke for over a hour and had a wonderful conversation.

During this conversation, he told me that he was a retired CIA agent, and had worked all over the world before retiring. I told him I was here in to meet friends from Microsoft here in Seattle and then fly to Orange County to complete a Timeline Therapy training. We both knew about NLP. He told me how the CIA use NLP today. This was during an exercise when the army were trying to improve the accuracy of firearms when new recruits were target practicing. Richard was eliciting strategies by asking questions. He said the CIA taught the creator of NLP, Richard Bandler eye patterns based on how the CIA used eye patterns in interrogations, in order to elicit the strategies faster.

Eye patterns are super important because they can give clues of what the other person is thinking. However, there are caveats: eye patterns are really good to know but don’t rely on them. It’s little bit like ayurvedic medicine or acupuncture. You can do a pulse diagnosis or a tongue diagnosis and it helps to confirm a diagnosis but you don’t rely on the pulse and tongue diagnosis as an absolute. It helps you figure out what’s going on in the same way when NLP Eye Patterns aids you to get some idea about the strategies that the person is running inside their heads.

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