Break the Force of Habit

Discipline is a key principles to success, and when you are focused it’s easy to stay disciplined. The problem is when we take our eye off the ball. When you are tired, or frustrated, that’s when our unconscious patterns kick in. It is these unconscious patterns that caused and reinforces the Force of Habit.

We all have habits, and most are unconscious. They fall into one of 4 categories:

✅ The First is when we Distract ourselves. We jump from notification to alert and every distractions has us jump to the next shiny thing. I was once told by a very wise yogi that the hardest time to be human is between 4pm and 7pm in the evening, and 4am — 7am in the morning. In these hours we are most easily distracted. This is when we need to stay focused.

✅ The Second is when we Delay. We put off the decision to do what we are supposed to do because we don’t like the feeling we get inside. Guess what, It only gets worse with time. The Dalam Lama once said “When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.”. Never Delay. Instead Decide and Go do.

✅The Thirds is Denial. Here is the most unconscious pattern. This is when we pretend to ourselves that there is no problem. This is the real culprit in failed businesses and failed relationships. We don’t talk about and address the real issues until it’s too late. Learn to be comfortable talking about things that make you uncomfortable. I learned this tactic from Tim Ferriss

✅ Finally, We have doubts. The reality is that that there is no certainty in life. Certainly is not a prediction, it’s a state of mind. When we act with certainly, we are more likely to inspire, influence and impact people to take the right action and to get the right results.

The Force of Habit turns us towards Failure. You have to stop the Force of Habit to lean towards success.

Believe in yourself.

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