The scale of your mission tells me where you are going

Let’s be honest for a moment. You are thinking too small. I know you are because I am. The truth is that you believe that it’s ok to have a plan but it’s not your plan. It was handed to you by your parents, your teachers, your culture, your education system. You inherited it. It’s not yours.

You forgot you were born with a purpose and you forgot to create your mission from that purpose. We all learn about getting a good education or Having better relationships or making More money or being happy, but if you truly want to feel achievement and fulfilment, you need to get clear on your mission. Get clear on your legacy and your purpose.

I thought goals setting would help me find success. That’s I deserved success. That I deserved more money. That I deserved a better life. When I got there, I felt empty inside. Goals without mission leave you feeling empty. It’s shallow because your focus is on what you deserve, not on who you serve. I was only halfway there.

When you create a mission that’s bigger than you, and you get clear on that vision, your whole world changes. Serve others. Take the attention of your self. You start to impact people’s lives in ways that you never dreamed possible. You get a sense of purpose, of certainty, of fulfilment that goes beyond “deserve”. You start to truly live a life of purpose.

Think big. Create a Mission that’s bigger than you.
It will give you direction. We will notice.
Believe in yourself.


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