It matters not where you came from but where you want to go

A dilemma that many of us ask is: Am I making the right choices? How do I know I’m on the right path.

The journey of personal evolution is paved with pitfalls. There are only 2 feedback tools we have to assess if we are on the right path. Both are lies. Both will let us down – If we are not self aware.

The first feedback tool we have is logic. It has to make sense. It has to be sensible and logical and proven based on the numbers and facts. From a NLP perspective, here we are talking about the Thinker meta program. The problem is that both the right path and the wrong path can both make sense based of our conditioning, based on where we came from, based. on our confirmation bias.

The second feedback took is Intuition. A gut feeling , an intuition, an unknown sense, a message from the divine. A sense of knowing without any concrete proof. From an NLP perspective, we call this the Intuitive meta program. Again, we have the exact same pitfalls because our intuitions are based on our past, not on wisdom or knowledge.

My experiences round this is what we call the Force of Habit. When you step out of your pattern, life gets scary. It has to be because you have not walked this path before. Like a child going to school for the first time , you don’t serve the child by keeping her at home. She had to grow into this new pattern. She had to grow up just a little bit every day. And when she does , she makes new friends in school. She discovers a whole new world because her world is now bigger than it was before. She had evolved.

Change is eternal. It never stops. But we can stop ourselves moving forward with the Force of Habit.

The truth is that to evolve our journey , we need to break habits, set a mission that bring into our awareness our obstacles that holds us back. The truth is that we need to evolve our emotional complexity to have better ways of understanding our world.

Find you mission in the world and set an intention every day to get one step closer to making that vision a reality. Step up. Step out and embrace your obstacles…And one by one you can overcome them.

The world is waiting for you to shine.