How to Get Results with NLP – LIVE TRAINING

Wednesday 19th September 2018. 6:30 pm.

Venue: Europa Hotel Belfast

If you could Breakthrough and just make life Simple – less struggle. More reward. Would that make a difference?

How to Get Results with NLP will enable you to do this. I would like to invite you to join us for an evening of exploration and practice into the wonderful world of NLP.

We are exploring how Obstacles such as Fears and Doubts prevent us getting consistent results.

Are you looking for a way to “Get There” so you can finally take your foot off the pedal?

If you want more consistent results in your Business and Career, you really should drop into the Europa and join us.

Here are a few facts that might surprise you:

1. You don’t need to be in a frantic state of high energy to Get Better Results, In fact, we see the opposite, when people discover what holds them back and remove these obstacles (using the techniques we share with you at the event) our students and clients get a new new sense of purpose and direction like a laser focused on the end goal. Imagine being able to be drawn like a magnet to your goals without the frantic busyness that most people display? Would that be valuable to you or not?

2. You don’t have to work harder to get better result. But you do need to apply a few key principles to your thinking and your mindset. It’s not about working harder or even working smarter, but rather how you focus your mindset on getting the results you really need. There are a few key principles that we share with you that really work!

3. Comparing yourself to your Competitors is not a way to get better results. The problem with comparing yourself to others is that you can never be them. Once you finally let go of these limitations and start to believe in your own potential and abilities, you really start to get better results.

4. You don’t need to “feel the fear and do it anyways”. You need to be centred and balanced and focused. It’s your Mindset you need to get sorted. Pushing up against Fear is not good for the body. Learn why on the Webinar

I promise you, you won’t want to miss it. Instead, Clear your diary and get ready to start something new.

If you want to learn more about what we do to Get Results and how you can do the same, we are going to show you exactly what we do and how we do it.

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This event is free.