We train Powerful Coaches to Change the World through our Certification Programs.

Our Programs are designed not just to impart information, but also to give you new strategies of behaviour, empowering beliefs and motivation to make real changes in the lives of others.

NLP Practitioner Certification Training

Our NLP Practitioner Certification Training is a World Class Certification Training. Where you will learn true models of excellence and gain a deep understanding of how the human mind works. We teach you skills and techniques that eliminate self-sabotage from your life when outside your ‘comfort zone’.

Having completed this Certification Training you will experience increased creativity and improved problem solving skills. You will learn excellent negotiation skills and powerful skills in managing conflict. You will improve your self-confidence, concentration and assertiveness and get consistent results in your actions.

Plus, you’ll have a Certification Training that is recognized all over the world.

This Program is a 7 day accelerated training and requires Home Study. We recommend a minimum lead time of of 5 weeks to to prepare for this training.

NLP Coach Certification Training

Our NLP Coach Certification Training is Recognised World Wide by the Coaching Division of the American Board of NLP. Our Standards and code of ethics exceeds the Standards for every other Coaching Organisation that we looked at.  Our Coaching Program goes far beyond Accountability Coaching that most organisations teach. We give our students the ability to leverage  our Unique NLP Tools and Technique to create deep coaching experience that can change your clients life.

Having completed this Certification Training you will have all the tools, structure and strategies to go out and start you NLP Coaching Business or to complement an existing Coaching Business.

This Program is 1-day conversion training  for existing NLP Practitioners and requires Home Study.  If you are an existing NLP Practitioner, contact the Office to see if your qualifications are recognised.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training

Our NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training builds on a strong foundation at NLP Practitioner Level, with some key distinctions. We teach you advanced communication and interventions skills which will give you powerful tools for transformation and change. These skills can be used not just in a coaching context  but we also teach you advanced skills that can be used in both a formal intervention setting and in an informal business setting. Skills such as conversation change techniques, values alignment and negotiating values conflicts. Advanced re-framing techniques and objection handling. We teach you how to model and install other people’s principles and strategies for success.

In addition to spending 15 days learning advanced patterns of NLP, you will have all the capabilities and skills to begin Breakthrough Coaching with your clients. Imagine having the ability to sit down in a single session and discover and reveal the root cause of the major sabotage patterns in someone’s life and then using the tools and techniques we teach at Master Practitioner level, to be able to resolve these conflicts and create a compelling future. Our unique Breakthrough Process is a Life Changing experience and is only taught to our high standard at Transforming People Academy.

Our Master Practitioner is the fastest way to evolve your thinking and your mindset. We teach you how to achieve the Functional Flow of Leadership thinking. It will open up a whole new way of approaching any presenting problem and give you the ability to run rings around any presenting problem. It will fundamentally change how you run your business and your life. Our NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training is a Life Changing Experience and gives you the skills and abilities that you can pass on to others. In a world of disruption and rapid changes, our training is THE model of Empowerment.

This level of transformation is only possible by attending the Master Practitioner of NLP Certification Training as taught by Transforming People Academy.