What are the Representation System?

The Representation Systems are the basic building blocks of the Language of the Nervous System, coming from the 5 senses of sight, smell, taste, sound and touch. They are:

  • The Visual Modality, V, representing the sense of sight using the eyes
  • The Auditory Modality, A, representing the sense of sound using the ears
  • The Kinaesthetic modality, K, representing the sense of touch and feelings using touch, emotions and balance
  • The Olfactory modality, O,  representing the sense of smell using the nose
  • The Gustatory modality, Grepresenting the sense of taste using the tongue

There is one additional Representations System which is Auditory Digital or Ad for short, which represents self-talk – using our internal dialog, the things we say to our selves.

The Representations Systems are usually expressed as  the predicates V, A, K, O, G and Ad