What are the NLP Conversation Frames?

Evidence Frame: A frame that directs toward the desired outcome or state. Used to establish direction when people are off point. E.g. so how do we know we are on track?

Backtrack: A frame where the person is suggested to return to the main points shortly, Used to gently draw someone back to the main discussion. E.g. Just a moment ago you said x, so I want to get back to this shortly and explore it a bit more.

Relevancy: A frame that challenges the relevancy of a point. Remove issues that are not relevant to this outcome. E.g. How does relate to the outcome agreed at the meeting

Contrast Frame: It gives someone a contrast on a subject that changes someone’s perception of its value e.g. How much money have I saved you by asking these questions?

Ecology: An ecology frame that establishes the purpose of an outcome E.g. what will be gained/lost by the outcome, what will happen or not happen if you do/don’t get this outcome

As if: A frame where new choices are given by providing a context to access information that would not normally be available. E.g. let’s say we were to go ahead and allocate a bigger budget, what would you spend it on?