Let’s Prepare for a Post Covid World

I would like to share my ideas on the evolution of Social Media in a Post Covid World. This is relevant today for coaches, therapists and consultants who have done on-premise training in pre-covid times and are now are asking how to pivot it online.

I want to share with you an elegant model that could take you there, but this is not a simple model or an easy one either! It will not happen by clicking your fingers. It will take time to build and it will take time to perfect. It is about understanding the long-term vision of about what I believe is changing in the world today.

For 20 years I have spoken about transformation and change. In recent years I would give an example of massive transformational change that happened in society. I would show a slide of New York Manhattan in 1904 alongside a picture of Manhattan in 1913. In 1904 you see a picture of horse and cart and the 1913 picture the model of transport has changed to the Model T Ford Motor Car. What a transformation in less than 10 years! It must have been very difficult for a lot of people who said, ‘Oh I don’t trust these mechanical horses! I’m going to stick with our traditional horse and cart – Horses have been around for a thousand years they’ll still be around in a thousand years time!’ They were left behind!

Transport Changes in New York, Manhattan from 1904 to 1913.

I believe that in the post COVID world today is going to have a much bigger change and more challenging for a lot of people. If they are best prepared to take advantage of change and are able to pivot their business or realign their business or maybe get insights to help them to clarify their own personal journey, you can survive!

I want to talk about the Evolution of Social. For many people over the last 10 years social media has been very much a novelty! Now it has become a necessity! This means that the market has got very crowded and the world is a different place than it was last year year. It’s fundamentally different in the way people engage on social media. Organic reach has become decimated as the social media giants capitalise on advertising and stunt organic growth.

I would like to share with you a new model on the Evolution of Social Media and how you as a Coach, Consultant or Therapist can take advantage of this new model in your business.

Please Watch and Let me know your thoughts in the comments below:

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