The Emotional Complexity

When you get stuck, don’t believe in your doubts. Instead, doubt your beliefs. Most people will try to solve a problem based on a series of false assumptions on how their world works. Most likely they will fail. ⠀

What you have to do to solve the unsolvable is to evolving your thinking into a model that more accurately maps to the reality. Most likely the way you see the world is over simplified and results in inaccuracies you totally accept as true. ⠀

I call this “Emotional Complexity” or the ability to replace a simple model of thinking that no longer works with a more complicated model that is more accurate. ⠀

Anyone who has studied Physics knows this. We know that Classical Physics explains objects in motion relatively well. Enough to use this model in Big Engineering Projects like building bridges. ⠀

However, we also know that the model breaks down when will look at high degrees of accuracy. We also know that the Theory of Special Relativity is more accurate but we only use it if we need it. It’s more complex and sometimes we need this to solve the problem at hand. ⠀

Think bigger. The answers are out there.

Believe in yourself.

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