I base my model of reality on 3 things

In conversation I said, “The world won’t be changed by people who have the potential to change it but by people who dare to change it.”

In response, I got Steve Jobs quoted back at me:

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change usually do”.

There is a distinction.

Everyone knows what would made the world a better place. Not everyone knows the first or next step or even if it could work, even less people dare to take the first step. These people are pioneers. They take risks knowing that the risks are real. They are courageous even when they know the dangers. The are brave even when the logic defies sense. These people change the world because of one word.


They hope what they do works. And in doing so they inspire others to follow in their path.

They are visionaries because they create pictures in their mind of a better world with better opportunities and possibilities of what could.

Today we stand at the precipice and look over our the edge. For most it looks for a reason to be concerned. For most the question is, how do I make money, or how long can I last with my savings, or what happens if I lose my job, or what happens if I die, or worse, what happens If a loved one dies. God forbid.

I do not know what happens. I’m not a psychic, but I am a Physicist, I base my model of reality on 3 things.

1️⃣ That which I can measure, call it Science if you wish.

2️⃣ That will gives me leverage, call it Engineering or Technology If you choose.

3️⃣ That which improves our small planet and the habitants of this world, called it Ecology if you choose.

Science, Engineering, Ecology.


This year is supposed to be a year of clarity and of envisioning a better future, a year where we stop being short sighted and begin to SEE Clearly.

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