Less is More

“I don’t have time”

My big lesson on the lockdown so far:

Less is more.
Let me explain.

I’m working on a massive project at the moment. More about that in a future post.

It means wearing a lot of different caps and thinking at very different levels of abstraction all the time. Lots of deep thinking. Evaluation. Decisions. Actions. Lots to manage. Lots of unfinished ongoing work. Last week I sat down and restructured my thinking and my routine.

I changed how I worked.
I changed when I worked.
I changed how I approached the work.
And I changed how I found balance in my day.

The result has been really exotic. A sense of calmness. Of gentle flow. I was just chatting about this to a close friend. Last night, I told him, was the first time since lockdown I have had real space in my head.

I realised a fundamental principle.

You don’t manage time.
You don’t manage priorities
You don’t manage information overload
You manage your unfinished work.

And when you manage your unfinished work, all stress and anxiety disappears.


What are you doing to manage your unfinished work. Try it for a week and let me know how you get on
Take care out there.

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