Everyone is going through a hard time

Everyone is going through a hard time. Everyone has to adjust. Everyone needs some space to adjust and think and contemplate what is really important in life.

More so than anything else, we need to rediscover our values, those things that are most important to us. Like a kind word or a hug or companionship or waking up in the morning to a blue sky and a clear head and walking down the street to have a cappuccino with a friend to say “what a beautiful day”.

I miss that.

It’s so easy to say it didn’t work out as planned. But it’s only the second act and we aren’t even half way through the story. The other half had yet to come and your choices now will decide your future.

You have time now. Plan, have fun, Learn something new, maybe a new language. Start that secret project you always wished you had time for, reach out to that person who you have spoken to for 2 years because you were “too busy”.

Say “I love you” to someone who needs to hear it and look forward to the second half.

Life is a game of 2 halves and when we get so caught up the the game, it’s easy to forget it is a game.

Love the game. You really are the Hero, you know.

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