The Locksmith & The Carpenter

..On the value of hypnosis and change work.

The Carpenter does not tell you about his profession, He does not tell you how many chisels and mallets he has, he does not tell you how many times he has cut his fingers, or how many times he has stubbed this thumb. A carpenter does not tell you how much wood he collects each year, or how he seasons the wood. He does not tell you the long hours he spends trying out new ways of curing wood, new ways of staining wood, new ways of cleaning wood. No, he does not.

A carpenter tells you what he can create and when it’s going to be finished and how much it’s going to cost. He tells you how it’s going to look when it’s finished, and he expects that you trust his judgement. He sends you out to the world, to the four corners of the world to see samples what he has created.

A carpenter picks up a piece of wood and in seconds he can see what he needs to do to shape it, to work it, to smooth it out and reveal the secrets hidden inside. A carpenter can look like a magician that turns a piece of wood into a family treasure with nothing more than his intent and his skills.

But a carpenter is not a locksmith, he cannot open locks that are not supposed to be opened. For that you need a different tool. A carpenter knows his medium and knows what he can do with it. No less. No more. A carpenter knows your potential because he has seen it before. And so too is a Practitioner of all great arts.

In my opinion, someone who is highly skilled in NLP is a Practitioner of a great Art. But like a carpenter, a Practitioner of NLP can only work with the existing potential. Some people like to say that anyone can be famous, anyone can be successful, but success is not destined for some people. If you don’t believe you can be successful or happy or fulfilled, then going to a carpenter to shape you into something you are not is going to disappoint. For that you need a locksmith. Only you have the key to that lock and you are your own locksmith. Once you start to look for that key and begin to pick on that lock and be motivated to open that lock, only then can you start to look for a carpenter.

My question for you. Do you need a locksmith or a carpenter? Only when you are ready to find the answers can you begin to shape yourself.

Now the real message: Some time people say “You can’t hypnotise me”, and I say — that’s right. I can’t. That’s because those people are happy in their own prison and want their world to be the way it is – locked down. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you can’t be hypnotised, it is because you are hypnotised in your own world and you have locked it down all by yourself.

There is nothing more disappointing in life than someone that believes that they know how the story will end.

Do you?

Do you needs a Locksmith ?