Creator of Time Line Therapy™ Technique wins NLP Award

Tad James, wins the 2017 ANLP International Life Time Contribution Award at the annual ceremony in London. Tad James who is also know as Everett James, has dedicated his life to helping people to transform their lives, He was the 2nd NLP Master Trainer ever certified by Ricard Bandler, and his contribution to the NLP field through his work with Time Line Therapy® techniques and his work on Hypnosis has impacted millions of people over a career spanning over 4 decades. Tad James is a certified Master Trainer of NLP and the Creator of Time Line Therapy® Techniques and Trainings.

In a thank you note after the award Tad says:

Thank you for The International NLP Lifetime Achievements Awards’ contribution to my work in NLP. It’s been a life journey and there is no greater joy than seeing thousands of people utilize these amazing set of skills to empower themselves, and to create better, happier and more fulfilling lives.

Winning the award doesn’t mean the end of my NLP journey, this is just a new beginning and, together, you and us, will continue to Transform the Planet!

Congratulations Tad, Well deserved.

Tad James with Huna Master George Naope