Was today the first step ?

This is our First Live Event under Transforming People Academy, and we are super excited. 

Beyond just a fun, exciting action packed day of goal setting, I’m also sharing my new model around the 7 Key Archetypes of Modern Society at this Workshop too, so this is a very special event.

What’s more, because this is a first, we have a very special introductory offer price of only £47 for this event, This is a whopping 70% discount on the normal price of our one day workshops which in future will be priced at £160 + VAT.

If you are based close to Belfast (you can fly to Belfast with the savings you make!!), or know someone that would benefit from clarity and focus and a day of personal introspection, then please tag, and share the love. 

In the future, when you look back on now, was today the first step?