Write your goals as if they had already happened

Two years ago I spotted a new opportunity when Microsoft announced they open sourced the .Net Framework.

I was at the “Future Decoded” conference in London. It was the 14th November 2014. I decided there and then to become part of that movement as it unfolded. Things happened fast. In January 2015 I found out that the architects and creators of asp.net core platform were teaching workshops on asp.net core in London at the NDC Conference. The tickets costs £2000 plus probably another £1000 for flights and accommodation for the 5 day event in London. It was money that in my right mind I couldn’t justify spending, but I knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime to deep dive and ask the questions I needed to ask to get there. I was a full stack Java Developer working for Deutsche Bank at the time. At the workshops I know I asked the most stupid questions that probably showed that I was really just trying to get to grips with all the new terminology and concept of ASP.NET Core – Dependency Injection, Mappers, etc. But the answers I got from the trainers echoed loudly in my ears. There were so many other things that happened that year, which culminated in my working on an ASP.NET Core core migration Project for a large finance house – probably one of the first such migrations in Belfast starting in April 2016 as a Asp.Net Core Consultant and Developer. Having successfully finished the project, I went on to build a whole Web App Platform based on Asp.net Core and Azure. 

When I look back at my goal setting notes from 2 years ago for my prediction on January 2017. ” I’ve just completed as successful project using the new .Net Open Source framework and have created a new Startup using it”.

I have not looked at these notes in two years. 

My lesson on all of this, is when you find something that you are passionate about, emmerse yourself it it, and see yourself clearly having delivered on the vision then magic happens.

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