If you had a secret that could change the world, what would you do?

if you had a secret that could change the world but no one would believe you, what would you do?

I after ask this of colleagues and of my clients. The most common response is that “I would keep going until I did” which seems naive at the least and perhaps even simplistic at the core since the presupposition is that no one would *ever* believe you.

Which begs the question…When you discover a beautiful gift that is often twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, and yet you know the importance to share this most beautiful gift with the world, is it not your destiny to share it even if the time is not right? I think so. And so the journey begins…

Time, I believe is what makes the difference and is a more accurate portral of the question because it suggests an “out” at some stage in the future. I have been asking this question for 10 years and no one has asked the question, “well, do you?”


if you had a secret…