What are the Keys to Achievable Outcomes?

  1. State in the positive, as if now. Where you are now (present state)? What do you want? Be specific – what will you see, hear, feel, notice and say to yourself when you get there?
  2. What’s your evidence procedure for knowing that?
  3. Is it congruent? What will this do for you or allow you to do? Is it just for you? Where, when, how and with whom do you want this?
  4. Is it self-initiating and maintaining?
  5. Check ecology – Is it congruently desirable? What will happen if you do/don’t get this outcome
  6. Is it appropriate contextualized? Where, when, how and with whom do you want this outcome?
  7. What resources are required? Do you have all the resources, or are there any others still you need to acquire? Have you done this or Do you know anyone who has done this before?
  8. What’s the last step?
  9. Take action. What’s the next step now?