The Real Secret in Learning new Skills is to Make a Plan

Many people are experiencing uncertainty about their job! There are friends of mine who are software developers, scientists, engineers and they work for small to medium-sized companies. They’re really worried about their future as the result of the pandemic. Is my company going to downsize? Am I going to be made redundant? Will I use my job?

And you may be asking am I lacking skills, but because I’m so busy, I don’t have the ability to skill up and get those better roles.

A real concern for some people may be that if they are lacking skills and confidence, if they feel like they are not upskilling, if they are not not learning the things they need to learn because they are so busy is going to cause uncertainty in their life.  

You may be asking, “what skills I am lacking”? Is it speaking skills? Is it communication skills? Is it engineering skills? Is it advertising or marketing or business skills? What are the skills you are missing? Write them down. You need to take measurements, you need to track where you are now and make plan for the near future.

It is of no use to you to write this down and forget about it. Imagine in 12 months time you pull out that that sheet of paper and you have done nothing in the last year that means you’re still going to be in the exact same place this time next year. You are in the exact same place looking at the exact same list of skills that you don’t have.

If you’re lacking in skills, what you need make a plan! That’s all you need to do! Make a plan and work out what’s the first step and the last step. Take small steps forwards every single day! This is the only way because if you’re lacking skills this year I promise you you’ll be having the same conversation next year and the year after until everybody has passed you out. Then you become less relevant in what you’re doing!

This articles is based on a live clips from Fresh Coffee Coaching, Episode 07 – Dealing With Uncertainty

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