Look for the positive learning lessons in the failures

Look. We all make mistakes. Too many people are so afraid of what people think that they won’t even consider the possibility unless the risk of failure is zero. This isn’t just wrong, it’s a recipe for big massive failure.

Apparently, Einstein said, “If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried anything new”.

But this is not just about failure. It’s about micro learnings. With every little failure and setback, there is an opportunity to learn something that wasn’t obvious.

I never worry about mistakes. I worry about people who won’t even risk it for a biscuit.

My biggest breakthroughs have been from taking a measured risk and being ok with not getting it right first time. Or even second time or even a third time.

I’ve probably failed more often that I’m willing to admit but my experiences have let to opportunities and possibilities that go beyond luck.

Luck follows adventure. If you want more luck then be willing to fail more.

What can you learn? Maybe you just need more practice to get more “lucky”?

The biggest mistake I see people make is that when they fail , they say “I’m never doing that again”. And that’s where everything goes wrong. Looks for the positive learning lessons in the failures. Sometimes this is hard. Especially if you don’t look.

What are you looking for ?

Believe in yourself.

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