You never lose until you give up

Our Perception is wrong. If it were right, so many people would not be so polarised based on misleading data. We have all offered our Experts Opinions without doing the hard research to gather evidence to prove a point. Instead we use emotion.

Why? Too many people want the easy path. It makes sense. As a responsible adults, we are encouraged to do the things that are logical and sensible. That’s easy.

Unfortunately, even if we believe the world is predictable and follows rules, our bias filter eliminates the obvious – that the world is absurd and that irrational and ridiculous things happens every day that make no sense and yet irrationality snd chaos seems to be the true nature of the world.

“Order from chaos” is the term Mathematicians use.

➡️ It makes no sense that a billionaire business man with no credentials as a public servant or politician is currently the president of the USA.

➡️ It’s absurd that UK is no longer part of the EU, it’s biggest trading partner, without a trade deal, regardless of whether you agree with it or not.

➡️ It’s crazy that Elon Musk wants to send humans to Mars on a rocket called Starship, but it’s still going to happen in the next few years.

➡️ It’s crazy that we have been told to stay indoors and to socially isolate to an enemy that we can’t even see or confront and yet here we are, sitting at home on our phones, scrolling through Instagram looking for inspiration and answers. (I hope you find them )

We should really give up. It makes sense to give up, if it wasn’t for an amazing human trait that we all have deep within our psyche.


Regardless of the odds, we hope that everything will work out. And somehow it always does.

Don’t give up. Instead give up old ways of thinking and give in to new opportunities.

Find a different way. Think differently. Challenge your thinking to look outside the accepted approach. Think bigger and aim higher. Don’t give in to defeat. Instead step up and play the game for one more day.

Remember this : You never lose until you give up.
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