Embrace the future and look for new opportunities

Is anyone else hitting new blocks you thought you had already surmounted?

Life without challenge may seem like a luxury but let’s check-in for a moment. Think back to your greatest learning experiences, the experiences where you had the greatest sense of connection with others and the greatest feeling of achievement. Was it not a result of overcoming challenges?

When we overcome big challenges it changes our reality. It gives life a new meaning. The things that used to be important now shift and new focus becomes apparent. It’s a point where we are in the valley of despair that we see no path forward, the wall seems too high to climb. But it’s in these greatest moments of despair we take the greatest leaps of faith and we Change.

Or at least, that’s an option. The other option is you start to try and recreate the past. To relive old times. To dream of better times. But we distort the past. We may say that technology had made our life more chaotic but would we really be ok without hot showers, the internet and Alexa ? Personally, I would not.

For many people we are at this point now. It’s the point of no return. In chaos theory we call it a bifurcation point. For so many people we thought we had overcome the biggest obstacles earlier this year only to realise now that this is only the end of the beginning. There is a lot more to happen before we meet a new plateau.

Ask any great leader. They will tell you that once you are ok with failure, once you are ok with not getting what you expect, once you are ok with the path going off-road, then you truly start to feel grateful for the path and gratitude for every little success and lesson on your way. This is where the true meaning of life come from.

So take this moment to map out a new path. Playing the victim game is a dangerous game. Yes, you can get help and support as you pivot and change direction but remember this. If you totally depend on others to save you, you will get trapped in a dependency game.

Instead embrace the moment. Embrace the future and look for new opportunities. Start today.

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