Everything in life starts with your mindset first and your actions second

She whispered : “I’m not ready yet, do you understand me?”

I said “yes, I understand. You are waiting for something to happen first. A message, a sign, the right signal, so that you can feel it in your gut, and then you know you will be ready”⠀

“Exactly”, she said to me. ⠀

“but, how do you know?”⠀

“Because, I have have walked that path. I waited and agonised, but I never pulled the trigger. I never took the first step, I wasn’t ready”⠀

“But then it happened. It was all taken away from me. A cruel joke of the universe perhaps, but I wasn’t laughing”.⠀

And in that moment, I said, I wished, “Why didn’t I start years ago”⠀

The Universe responded: “Because, You said you weren’t ready”⠀

“Are you ready now?”⠀
“Yes”, I said. ⠀

Something inside me changed in that moment. I became focussed on making it happen.⠀

“Good. then Jump!”, the Universe said.⠀

I jumped, and I got there, but it wasn’t easy. I only wished I had jumped before.⠀

and then I realise that I wasn’t ready because I didn’t commit.⠀

Are you ready or are you waiting for it to be taken away from you?⠀

Believe in yourself. ⠀

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