Success Leaves Clues

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”
“Good things never happen to us”
“Know your Station”.

These words are absolutely true for some people. They are phrases we have heard from others in our company. Maybe a family member, maybe a school teacher or boss. In NLP they are all categorised as Distortions. Phrases that need straightening out.

Look carefully. Who says these words? Is it Successful People? No. Is it adventurous People? No? Is it happy people? No. These are the words that come from people who are lost in a world of other people’s beliefs. It’s confirmations what’s already observed. If you have never stepped outside your town, how can you say what the world looks like?

I grew up believing there was only one route open to me. One path. Get a good education and you will get a good job, and then you will be happy. I got a good education. I got a good job. A Corporate job. I hated every day of my life. I had to find an alternative. A different way of living my life. I discovered through personal development that I could apply my expertise in business and technology to helping others grown business. I found a lifestyle that I was passionate about and loved doing what I was doing.

I found this because I started looking for answers outside my station. I challenged my beliefs about the world I lived in – every single day. I surrounded myself with winners. I read, watched YouTube videos of winners. I found clues. Analyse you life today. What are the patterns you accept as true. Are they the patterns of winners? If not, find new phrases to believe in. You have a choice. Stop waiting for someone to save you.

Look for clues. Success leaves clues. Follow success.
Find a way to model those who have already succeeded.
Believe in yourself.

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