It’s not what you deserve, It’s who you serve

Look back on your life. Did you ever feel AMAZING because of something you deserved? No! At best you feel vindicated and at worst you feel jealous. “Deserve” is a fleeting moment.

The first time I earned 6-figures in a single year I knew I deserved it. I had worked hard. I had sacrificed many things. But did I feel good? Not really. I spend money on tokens of validation because I deserved it. But I was not happy.

When I turned my focus on serving people. On helping people. On giving people my time and attention in order to make their life better , and THEY FOLLOWED MY ADVICE, it changed everything.

I found that the sense of satisfaction and fulfilment I got from advising people and then seeing them get real , tangible results, it was amazing. I felt appreciated. I felt satisfied. The feedback I got was amazing. I never got feedback like this in my corporate career.

What are you really good at? Do that. Help other people to achieve their goals and they will help you achieve yours. Fulfilment is a natural gift when you serve others deeply.

Stop asking what you deserve, and serve.

Believe in yourself.

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